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Velana International Airport

Wellness is a true traveller’s oasis at the airport.

With our commitment to providing a holistic range of services and treatments specifically designed to address travel ailments and woes, we aspire to transport travellers away from the hustle and bustle of the airport and transcend them to a space of comfort and convenience.

Enjoy our classic massage and spa treatments, nail and beauty services and shower facilities. Relieve the stress of travel with our specially designed massages, hand and foot spa treatments, freshen up with our nail and beauty services, relax in a hot shower after a long flight or simply enjoy a glass of refreshing juice. At Wellness, we are always looking forward to provide travellers the most comfortable airport experience, whether departing or arriving Velana International Airportt. 


Ground Level, International Arrivals, Velana International Airport

Opening Hours
0800 - 2300 daily
Contact Information

[email protected]

+960 301 1516

Service Menu

Classic Massage Treatment                               USD
30-minute Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage     50
30-minute Foot Massage                                      55
Additional 15 minutes                                           20

30-minute Hand Spa Treatment                           42
30-minute Foot Spa Treatment                             52

Shower with Amenities                                         29
1-hour Relaxing Shower Package                        40
2-hour Relaxing Shower Package                        55

Nail Service 
30-minute Express Manicure                                35
35-minute Classic Manicure                                 48
30-minute Express Pedicure                                 48
35-minute Classic Pedicure                                  60

Additional French Polish                                        8

All rates are inclusive of 6% GST and 10% service charge